Large Industrial Intake Systems

AVS design and build componentry for site assembly for large industrial air handling systems.

These are typically plant rooms for large projects where equipment is simply too large to build in the factory and ship completely assembled. The capacity of this type of equipment usually ranges from 40 m3 per second up to 300 m3 per second.

Plant rooms often have the same sort of components as our standard air handling units but come in large and customised sizes and can include:

  • Filters
  • Cooling Coils
  • Heating Coils
  • Carbon Scrubbing
  • HEPA Filters for bio hazards
  • Louvre water eliminators
  • Noise attenuation packs
  • 3 stage filtration
  • Heat recovery
  • Industrial louvre systems
  • Intake heating systems
  • Intake attenuation units
  • Large scale air intake systems
  • Industrial fans

Our Product Groups

  • prods_air-handling

    Industrial Air Handling

    Air Handling Units custom built to the highest industry standards.

  • prods-extraction

    Industrial Extraction Systems

    Industrial extraction & exhaust systems fully customisable to your requirements.

  • prods_intake

    Large Industrial Intake Systems

    Custom-built large industrial air handling systems, assembled on-site.

  • prods_odour-removal

    Odour Control Products

    Environmental leading technology that controls or eliminates odours from the production process.

  • prods_heat-recycle

    Heat Recovery

    Smart solutions to recycle waste heat from the production process that can have significant economic or environmental benefits.


AVS is proud to be actively involved in the community by directly supporting youth cricket in Auckland. We also invest in native forest conservation through our close partnership with the QE2 Trust by re-establishing native forest and fauna on a large conservation estate north of Auckland.